Dr. Sarah Matthews/

Dr. Sarah Matthews is a Fertility Doctor at Repromed in Adelaide.

Sarah has worked in fertility medicine for 14 years. She completed her medical degree in 1992 at Adelaide University. Prior to this she worked as a GP with a passion for women’s health. She has worked at the Royal Women’s Hospital and rurally in Victoria but now is based at Repromed (part of Monash) in South Australia as a fertility clinician. She holds a Masters of Reproductive Medicine and a Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Sarah is also passionate about Third World medicine and has worked in Asia, and more recently Ethiopia. She has four children of her own which provides her with a great understanding of the importance of fertility and its products!

Episodes with Dr. Sarah^


Put Those Eggs On Ice

Tully is joined by Dr. Sarah Matthews from Repromed Fertility Specialists to chat about the ideal time to freeze eggs, the process involved in egg freezing, egg donation, hereditary diseases, and other fertility options.