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Tahlia Farrant & Your Questions About Sexuality Answered/

Tahlia Farrant & Your Questions About Sexuality Answered/

  • August 11, 2020

Tully is joined by her ex-girlfriend, Tahlia Farrant, to chat about how she met Tully, realising she was gay, what happened after Tully, Drew and Big Brother, and we answer some of your questions about sexuality.

On today’s show:

  • Tahlia’s realisation about her sexuality
  • Tahlia’s move to Sydney
  • How Tully and Tahlia met
  • Coming out to her parents and friends
  • Same-sex marriage and what needs to happen next
  • Attraction, sex, strap-ons and porn
  • Needing Pap Smears as a lesbian
  • The stereotypes in same-sex relationships
  • Moving quickly, and having intense relationships
  • Scissoring, sex toys and what counts as sex
  • Dating a closeted girl and showing that you’re bisexual
  • Lessons from Tully’s and Tahlia’s relationship
  • Drew, Big Brother and the aftermath
  • Forgiveness and where they stand now

Tahlia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tahliafarrant

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