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Getting To Know Tully Smyth/

Getting To Know Tully Smyth/

  • July 21, 2020

On today’s show: Tully’s dating life in isolation, what happened between Ciarran and Tully, freezing eggs and co-parenting, and Tully’s sexuality.

On today’s show, Tully Smyth chats about:

  • Dating during isolation
  • Deal breakers and the ideal guy
  • Ciarran and Tully
  • Seeing ex’s and their new partner
  • Feeling fulfilled as an influencer
  • Mental health, anxiety and social media
  • The turning 30 life crisis
  • Co-parenting a child and freezing eggs
  • Family support on social media
  • What happened with Tully and Tahlia after Big Brother
  • Tully’s sexuality and experience coming out

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